Karen, Founder

Karen has taught at some of the top schools in Singapore before making Melbourne her home. She is passionate about “learning through doing” and always incorporates an element of experiential learning into her lesson plans.

Karen strongly believes that children should not be simply passive consumers of technology but instead, understand how things work. Through understanding these building blocks only then can children truly create and shape their future. Karen has a Master of Education from Melbourne University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts from the National University of Singapore and is a mother to 2 inquisitive children.

Dayan, Curriculum Consultant

Dayan has taught for more than a decade in both Singapore and Australia. An early adopter of technology, he was lugging around a laptop to classes when the power cord was a necessity and the Internet was barely spoken of. He recalls the wonder in the eyes of his student when he told them of the world he grew up in – without word processors, computers or mobile phones.

While his classroom today is a technology – rich environment, he understands that in a physics lesson, the tactile experience of working with dials and wires cannot be replicated through the flat touchscreens of a tablet. He is married to Dara, upon whom he inflicts his theories about the interaction between humans and technology, and with whom he competes for the use of the television so that he can squeeze in a bit of gaming time between marking. Dayan has a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma in Education, Masters of Educational Management.

Liroy, Instructor

Born in South Africa, Liroy completed a Bachelor in Music. He has travelled to almost 30 countries, enjoys the arts, technology and food.

Before moving to Melbourne, Liroy taught in South Korea for 3 years and is now studying a double degree in Physics & Engineering at RMIT. His specialization is in electronics and communications, which includes programming and coding.

Liroy values education highly and believes in personalized experiential learning, particularly with regards to Math and Science.

Imogen, Instructor

Originally from Tasmania, Imogen is a Masters of Architecture student at the University of Melbourne. She has a keen interest in design and creativity and loves working alongside children to help them learn, create and discover through play.

Imogen’s knowledge of structure and technology provide a sound basis for relevant, real-world learning. Her passion for teaching and caring nature ensure that workshops are always challenging and fun.

Nick, Instructor

Nick is currently studying a bachelor of Arts/Law at Deakin University and has previously undertaken extensive studies of the sciences.

He has an affinity for electronics and fondly remembers that his favourite toy as a child was an electronic board where he could build different circuits. He likes to share his knowledge and experiences with others and was a scout leader in his teens.

Rose, Instructor

Rose is a registered teacher, currently studying her Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Melbourne. Rose has a Bachelor in Commerce and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching. She has taught English in South Korea for 3 years.

Her passion is in education and her philosophy is for all students to get a chance to learn. As a young educator, Rose highly believes in incorporating technology into learning.

Emma, Instructor

Originally from Tasmania, Emma is currently studying her Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the Australian Catholic University.

Emma enjoys creative pursuits such as language-learning and digital painting. She spent 10 months teaching English to French students and has travelled extensively across Europe.

Emma is a firm believer in learning through doing. She is passionate about providing children with the skills and tools they need to reach their full potential, and sees technology as vital to this.

Liz, Instructor

Liz is currently studying her Master of Teaching (Primary) at the University of Melbourne, having previously completed her Bachelor of Applied Science at Deakin University. Her interests include cooking and digital art, and she has travelled extensively across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Liz has a passion for teaching and believes that children learn best through active learning experiences. She strives to create an engaging and challenging learning environment where children can safely explore technology to discover how it works.

All staff members at TechKids hold a current working with children check and are first-aid qualified

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