Why design a curriculum framework?

We wanted to create a new curriculum framework to ensure that parents understand how each level of the framework maximises their child’s learning at our workshop. Our workshops are designed to supplement and enrich your child’s learning at school and encourages them to apply the concepts learnt at school into real life applications like designing their own ‘smart home’ (in our littleBits workshops) which extends what they have learnt about electricity, sensors and other concepts in Science.

Our new curriculum framework features Junior, Intermediate and Advanced levels and our Junior levels cater to Years 1 and 2 and are designed to give them a foundation learning into robotics, animation and electronics. We have also included our ever popular Cubelets robotics class and littleBits electronics class for the Junior level.

Our Intermediate and Advanced levels cater to Years 3 to 6 and allows a progression of knowledge and skills acquisition through the levels as they advance through the different levels of workshops. They will learn extensive and practical knowledge about gears, pulleys and other concepts introduced at school.

Which level should my child fit into and which workshop should I enrol my child in?

If your child is in Grades 1 or 2, please enrol him/her in a Junior Level workshop. If your child is in Grades 3 to 6, please enrol him/her in an Intermediate or Advanced workshop. Please note that your child must have previously done an Intermediate workshop to enrol in an Advanced workshop.

My child has attended a workshop previously and will build a same model if I enrol him in a workshop again?

In designing our curriculum, we believe that a child learns best through doing, and often by repetition. Often a child will learn something new just by building the same project again. We have also designed extension activities in each workshop to allow children who are confident and able to progress quickly through the builds to reflect and challenge them further.

Does my child have to attend a Level 1 workshop before attending a Level 2 workshop?

No, although we do recommend that your child has attended a previous workshop with TechKids before enrolling for a Level 2 workshop

How large is the group size for each workshop?

The size of the workshop group depends on the workshop. Each child will work in groups of two or three on the robotics kits or other course materials.

Does my child get to keep their project/ creation from the workshop?

Unfortunately no, as all materials and equipment used in the workshop belong to TechKids and must be returned at the end of the workshop. We will take plenty of photos for you to view after the workshop on our website.

Do parents stay for the workshop?

No, parents do not stay for the workshop but are invited into the workshop in the last 10 minutes so the students can show what they have been building/learning at the workshop.

My child is has allergies and is anaphylactic. Are your staff trained in using Epipens?

Yes, all our key staff/ instructors hold a First Aid Certificate and are trained to use Epipens in emergency situations. Parents must provide a Medical Plan and the Epipen must be properly labelled and handed to the instructor before the start of the workshop.

How are workshop fees paid?

We have incorporated an online booking and payment system for our workshops and payment can be made using a credit card or PayPal via the secure payment gateway on the TechKids website. Please note that all payment made is non-refundable. Click here to view our terms and conditions.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw my child from the workshop?

No, our workshop fees are strictly non-refundable. Click here to see our booking terms and conditions. If your child is ill or is unable to attend the workshop, another child may be nominated to take his/her place provided TechKids have been notified in advance and the replacement child meets the age-group requirements.

Do you sell the robotics kits/equipment?

We source the latest innovative kits and tools from around the world especially for our workshops and using our experience as educators, we then design a hands-on play and learn curriculum to educate and inspire children. We do not sell the kits.

Can I claim a government subsidy on the workshop fees?

Unfortunately, we do not qualify for the subsidy.

My child in a little younger than the specified age group requirements for your workshops. Can I enroll him/her anyway?

Our curriculum is specially designed for the specified age group and therefore it is in the best interest of your child that he/she meets the requirements to maximize his/her learning at the workshop.