School Incursions


Our school incursion programs cater to primary-aged children and are conducted in a fun and interactive environment where students are encouraged to explore, play and learn.

Our curriculum is designed by a Maths and Science curriculum specialist and delivered by qualified instructors.

We provide everything necessary for the students to learn in a hands-on approach.

In addition, we can create a unique, differentiated learning program designed to help meet your classroom learning objectives.

Download our school incursion flyer here

Schools we have visited:

  • Albert Park Primary School
  • Alphington Primary School
  • Auburn South Primary School
  • Banyule Primary School
  • Billanook College
  • Biralee Primary School
  • Brunswick North West Primary School
  • Canterbury Primary School
  • Chatham Primary School
  • Clayton South Primary School
  • Deepdene Primary School
  • Glen Iris Primary School
  • Greythorn Primary School
  • Heatherton Christian College
  • Kerrimuir Primary School
  • Langwarrin Primary School
  • Marymede Catholic College
  • Manchester Primary School
  • Melbourne Grammar School
  • Methodist Ladies College
  • Moonee Ponds West Primary School
  • Mont Albert Primary School
  • Our Lady of the Pines (Donvale) Primary School
  • Scotch College
  • Southmoor Primary School
  • St Anthony’s Glen Huntly Primary School
  • St Thomas More Primary School
  • Surrey Hills Primary School
  • Syndal South Primary School
  • Viewbank Primary School
  • Yarra Primary School
  • Yarraville West Primary School

Some examples:

  • Albert Park Primary School (Grade 2 – Toy Technology over time: Robotics with Lego WeDo)
  • Greythorn Primary School (Grades 3 and 4 – How machines work: Robotics with Lego WeDo)
  • Manchester Primary School (Grades 5 and 6 – How Robots work: Robotics with Cubelets)
  • Billanook College – Extension for Grades 1 to 6 -Robotics with Lego WeDo (Grades 1 to 4), Hybrid Cars with Cubelets (Grades 5 and 6)
  • Clayton South Primary School (Grades 1 and 2 – Robotics with Lego WeDo)
  • Alphington Primary School (Grade 4 – Stop Motion Animation)
  • Langwarrin Primary School (Grades 3 and 4 – How technology has changed things over time: Robotics with Lego WeDo)
  • Melbourne Grammar School (Grimwade House) – Coding with Scratch (Grade 5)
  • Canterbury Primary School (Grades 5 and 6 – Robotics with Cubelets)

Contact Karen at 0433 183 695 or email for more information.


“Karen and her team ran a Scratch programming experience for our Year 5 ICT Conference. The students were thoroughly engaged in a well presented and organised workshop. I would not hesitate in recommending Karen and her team and we look forward to having them join us again at Grimwade House in the future.”

Matthew Smith (eLearning Coordinator – Melbourne Grammar School, Grimwade House)


“The students thoroughly enjoyed the incursion and it opened their eyes to where robotics was used in everyday life. All students were so engaged as the activities were hands on and it was great how you stopped throughout to give new instructions instead of lumping them with all the instructions at the start. The session has inspired many of the girls to purchase Lego and learn more about Lego WeDo. Having three teachers was fantastic and was great professional development for Melissa and myself as well. Thank you again for the day, it was definitely a highlight for the girls.”

Lucy Stronach (Methodist Ladies College)


“The incursion was terrific and the students gained valuable technical skills in the computer programming field. We’ve had a play with Scratch before but to have experts guiding us and showing shortcuts etc was awesome. For the students to have created their own game was pretty powerful. We will definitely have you back next year.”

Jacinta Mcclean (Biralee Primary School)


“The teachers and students at Albert Park Primary School had an absolutely fantastic experience with TechKids this term. The Lego Robotics incursion was extremely engaging and professionally delivered. Karen is obviously a very experienced teacher who is passionate about her work. Tom and Emma were also great with the students and helped to make it such a fun day. The teachers were impressed with the focus and enthusiasm of the students when programming and assembling their Lego models. Thank you for a great incursion!”

Heidi Higgins (Albert Park Primary School)


“It was fantastic! The students were engaged the whole time: from introduction until the end. There was no waiting to have a turn as each student was always involved in a role. Karen ensured the information presented was aimed at the level of the students. Once students had finished the basic construction they could be extended to produce more complex instructions. The kids loved it, it was ‘awesome’ and they were inspired to further investigate this area of robotics. The students were so proud of what they produced. It was such a good experience for the students to develop their teamwork skills! Thank you to all involved!”

Meg Cantlon (Southmoor Primary School)


“All the students had a wonderful time at the incursion! The description you gave me detailing what the incursion would include was spot on and very relevant to our inquiry topic of media. The students were able to articulate what they were learning about and brought enriched understanding back into the classroom. It is a fantastic lead in to ‘coding’ which will be part of the curriculum next year. Everything was very well prepared and allowed the children to engage independently and gave us teachers an opportunity to relax (thank you!). Pretty much all students were able to access the learning and the small group setting allowed those less able to watch. You were excellent with communication and it was wonderful that you brought so many staff with you to assist. Overall a fantastic incursion so thank you so much Karen. I will definitely recommend your incursions and spread the word.”

Georgie Fehervari (St. Anthony’s, Glen Huntly)


“TechKids provides the best balance of an education experience, organisation, student participation and engagement! And was very much enjoyed by both students and teachers. It provided lots of hands-on learning and concepts that we built on in the classroom. The TechKids team had a wonderful rapport and great class control with our students. We would welcome them back anytime!”

Sarah Tirtilas (ICT Coordinator, Greythorn Primary School)


“Students were engaged, we struggled to get their attention to even take photos!! You were highly organised and we loved the three rules at the start, especially students swapping roles after 3 pages. The introduction was very clear, resources excellent and we felt the whole incursion was well run and very easy for us teachers. The students are still talking about it and when I asked my students today if they had told their parents about the incursion – all hands went up!”

 Simone Boyd-Clark (Surrey Hills Primary School)


“Karen did a fabulous job at getting the attention of the students. She explained everything clearly and made sure that students understood before moving on. The activities were engaging and provided excellent opportunities for our students to think, problem solve and evaluate on what they were doing. Karen and the staff were caring and made sure that students were on task the entire time. We would definitely recommend TechKids to anyone who is interested in having you come out and we look forward to having you back at our school in the near future!”
Sandy Batty (Heatherton Christian College)



“We all thoroughly enjoyed the incursion. The students were totally engaged the whole 1 and 1/2 hours and worked co-operatively in their groups to follow the instructions. The lego that they built was challenging but rewarding when they were all successful. Your instructions and management of the whole session to make sure all students were successful was excellent.”

Noelene Ryan (Langwarrin Primary School)


“TechKids provide a well-organised experience of Lego technology and programming that totally engages the kids. Every lesson provides new challenges and the support needed to achieve success in cooperative groups. This is fun and learning in action!”

Con Pakavakis (Year 4 Coordinator, Auburn South Primary School)


“Our first session of the robotics club was a huge success. The children were engaged and eager to learn. They worked as a team to create, and program two laughing birds. They used Lego bricks, pulleys and belts and were introduced to programming. The children became animated to see through the successful completion of their task.”

Rosa Montorio (Year 4 Teacher , ICT Coordinator, Deepdene Primary School)