As the parent, guardian or legal representative of a child under 18 years of age whom I wish to enrol at TechKids, I understand that I am bound by all the terms and conditions, which are outlined below.

TechKids have a duty of care towards students and I agree to accept any decision made by TechKids or its agents in the interest of the health or safety of my child (including any emergency medical treatment they think necessary or desirable) and to reimburse them for any reasonable extra costs they may thereby incur.

I agree to give TechKids full information and instructions about any medical condition from which my child may be suffering at the commencement of the Course.

I understand that although all activities are carefully supervised, they are undertaken entirely at the risk of the individual and that TechKids accepts no responsibility for loss or injury.

Punctuality is crucial. Students should be dropped off and picked up within 5 mins of starting and finishing times, failure to do so may incur an additional fee of $1/min.  Parents (or an allocated responsible adult) must be contactable at ALL times during the class time. If someone other than a parent or family member is likely to be picking your child up, please inform the instructor on site in writing prior to the workshop.

As part of our marketing and promotional activity, images may be taken of you and/or your artwork for promotional use. By attending classes you agree to have your image published in various media accompanied by your first name. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please inform us in writing before the commencement of the workshop.

The School will not provide the Applicant’s personal information collected from the contract and other sources to any third party outside of the School.

Food and drink can only be consumed during the allocated break time for the holiday workshops. No food and drinks are permitted during the after-school workshop and classroom incursion.

All materials and equipment are property of TechKids and are to be returned at the end of the workshop.

All classes are subject to change. While TechKids uses its best efforts to operate classes as per the timetable published on this website, in some instances changes are required due to fluctuations in demand. No guarantee is made that classes will run per the timetable. Any changes required will be communicated to those affected prior to the date classes commence.

All prices are exclusive of GST. GST charges on all Goods and Services are at the applicable legislated rates.

After-school workshops: We only take bookings for an entire term and our fees are structured this way. Unfortunately, we cannot take casual bookings or pro-rata weeks you may be away. All fees must be paid two weeks before the commencement of each term. If fees are not paid by this time your student’s place will be offered to another student. Workshop fees are strictly non-refundable.

Holiday Workshops: All fees for the holiday workshop must be paid on enrollment. In the event of illness or injury, you may nominate another individual to attend in your place for the original booking. Workshop fees are strictly non-refundable.

Classroom Incursions: Fees are to be paid in full one week before the commencement of the classroom incursion program.

Refunds are not given in any circumstances. In the unlikely event that a workshop, a term or remainder of a term is cancelled by the School, the student will be refunded the full amount for the number of cancelled classes.

Payments are to be made via credit card or PayPal through the TechKids website only.

TechKids, to the extent permitted by law, expressly disclaims liability to students for:

a) Any injury to a student or loss to a student’s property however occurring before, during or after classes whilst that student is on these premises;

b) any negligent acts or omissions of TechKids and its instructors, occurring before, during or after classes whilst a student is on these premises;

c) any breach of contractual duty or obligation owed by TechKids to any students in relation to personal safety before, during or after classes whilst the students are on these premises;

d) breach of any duty owed by TechKids to any students as an occupier of these premises;

e) breach of any statutory duty which TechKids its directors, instructors, employees, servants or agents may owe to students;

f) any other liability howsoever caused or arising as a result of the undertaking of the classes or the entry into these premises by any students.